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The Top Dangers of DIY IoT

Earlier this month, we announced the end of DIY in the IoT with the latest version of Xively. It is our mission to take the technology challenge out of the IoT so companies can focus on the business value.

Like most DIY projects, it’s a lot easier said than done. Sure, there is a lot of pride that comes with completing a project on your own – but often those projects take a ton more time, bring up much bigger challenges than you could have imagined, and end up costing more money (and sanity) than if you had hired an expert to do it for you in the first place.

Working with customers over the last few years, we’ve come across some of these adventurous DIYers and they’ve shared some of the biggest challenges, or dangers if you will, on building an IoT stack themselves. Take a look at the slide show below for a high-level overview of these challenges. We’ll be following this post up with a series of blogs examining each of these a bit more in-depth.


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