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Xively Ushers in the Future, Salutes the IoT Pioneers of the Past

Over the last few years, countless pioneers have been working hard to make the IoT work for their companies.   To those IoT innovators (many of which are our customers), we salute you!  Like Lewis and Clark, these early adopters saw the possibilities, started their exploration and learned countless lessons about how to make their dreams a reality.  But just as with most pioneers, early adopters of the IoT were left to plan for and navigate the complex journey on their own – as IoT platform providers offered only specialized pieces and incomplete solutions. And just as Lewis and Clark helped pave the way for settlement in the West, the IoT pioneers have paved the way for a simpler, secure and more accessible IoT.   This journey was not for the faint of heart.  It took months or even years to cobble together various technologies to create an IoT stack – with no guarantee that their efforts would be successful.  Unfortunately trial by fire was their only choice.

Today Xively ends that.

The next generation of the Xively Connected Product Management platform is putting an end to the need for do-it-yourself IoT.  We are helping companies move beyond finding their own way in an IoT by providing everything a company needs to connect products securely, manage the data produced by those products and users and engage with customers like never before.  We want to eliminate the time spent on IoT infrastructure and data management to allow companies to focus on business strategy, end user applications, and optimizing service delivery.  How are we doing that?  Here are just some of the new features we are announcing today include:

  • At the outset of an IoT journey, customers can leverage the Xively Product Simulator to test and simulate product features, data flow and integrations without sinking significant time and resources into a project from the outset.
  • Already on the journey? We’ve added universal device and user management to help those that have already connected on Azure, Amazon or a homegrown system.
  • Once connected and deployed, deeper analytics and insight tools to help companies better understand product and user activity
  • Better engage with customers through a one-click integration with Salesforce that provides a real-time view into the health, status and other key product details of a customer’s actual product into a customer record screen in Salesforce

All of these enhancements were incorporated based on customer feedback and the consistent challenges we heard (or encountered ourselves) over the years.  We are really excited to continue to deliver on our promise of providing the fastest, most scalable, secure and now the most complete CPM on the market today.

The IoT pioneers have created the first map of an IoT journey. We took that map and purpose-built a platform that will not only help accelerate journeys going forward, but will also make it much easier for the next generation of innovators.  Taking the DIY out of IoT helps ensure that the work of earlier generations wasn’t done in vain and that everyone can now enjoy the opportunities and benefits the IoT brings with it.


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