Xively by LogMeIn Launches Next-Generation Xively Device Bridge for Salesforce

We’ve been talking for some time about how the data generated by connected products can be used drive revenue, improve customer service, and create loyal customers.  That is, of course, if it is 1.) actionable data and 2.) available to the right people.  That’s where being able to integrate IoT data into business systems like CRMs becomes extremely important.

Imagine being able to automatically engage with customers based on the usage or performance of their IoT product. Maybe you’d like to automatically send an email explaining that their smart air conditioner’s filter is due for replacement in two weeks – offering a discount if they order early. Or, based on the same data, allowing a service department to call corporate customers to see if they’d like the filter replaced by a technician.  Having this information and being able to offer this level of service is ultimately why the IoT is so attractive to so many companies.

Of course, with everything, it’s easier said than done.  Moving data from devices to sales and service reps and making that data interpretable and actionable is not an easy task.   Recognizing this challenge, we recently made our Salesforce integration that much easier.

Introducing the Xively Device Bridge.  An enterprise-ready application, the Xively Device Bridge is designed specifically for diverse Salesforce environments to extend the Xively CPM platform helping enable recurring, high-touch customer interactions.   The application structures incoming data to leverage native Salesforce functionality, including standard and custom objects, Workflows, eventing, and even custom Apex code to allow companies to collect key product data and populate it with proper context directly into Salesforce

So how are we making this easier?  You can get started with a simple download from the Salesforce AppExchange and follow the step by step instructions within Salesforce.  The Xively Device Bridge includes custom Visualforce pages that allow you to map Xively fields to Salesforce fields. It’s quite literally drag-and-drop or point-and-click in a graphical user interface. The Xively Device Bridge App also includes robust, admin-friendly tools such as user management, data mapping, and highly flexible permission and visibility settings. These features keep costs down for customers, while also providing a seamless experience as their business grows.

Once it’s set up, Xively, through the rules engine, “listens” for messages from the connected products. For example, if a product’s sensor is indicating the temperature reading has fallen below 20 degrees, Xively triggers a rule and sends a message to Salesforce with only the key information needed.  Salesforce then interprets the message and parses the data into a “Xively Message” record. From there, a Salesforce admin determines how to use the Xively Message data. A case or service ticket can be created if maintenance is required, for example, or maybe there’s a sales opportunity for a replenishable item.

The Xively Device Bridge app is Lighting-ready and designed to work with any type of Salesforce license.

Not using Salesforce yet? The Xively professional services team can help you use the APIs to build out an end-user application or take a supporting role for systems integration.

There are many opportunities to proactively engage with customers if you can operationalize incoming product data. Xively can make it happen.


“As both a Xively and Salesforce systems integration partner, we are excited to see the new enhancements available in the Salesforce Device Bridge application. The new functionality provides further ability to integrate device data into the CRM experience and get core business functions like service closer to the customer.  From a technical perspective the integration capabilities simplifies connecting the CPM platform to Salesforce and reduces time to market with our customers” – Peter Graham, Vice Presdient & Founder, Cervello

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