Xively named partner on new Salesforce IoT Cloud

It’s official. Salesforce just unveiled their new IoT Cloud, and we are excited to be named as a Salesforce IoT Cloud Partner! This announcement highlights the continued advancement of the LogMeIn Xively and Salesforce relationship and accelerates the best of IoT technology to our partners and our customers. Together, we can provide tremendous capabilities for our SI, software, hardware, and services partners to accelerate customer adoption of IoT connected products.

LogMeIn has been a lead partner for Salesforce for many years across a variety of services, including Salesforce’s Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and th Heroku platform. We were winners of the prestigious Platform Innovation Award at Dreamforce 2013 and have been flattered to be a Heroku Platinum Partner since 2012. Partnering with Salesforce has allowed LogMeIn to deliver better predictive maintenance and automated service, real-time reports and dashboards on business processes, and best in class apps for connected customer initiatives.

An outstanding example of our collaboration is SATO’s next generation connected printer. Working with LogMeIn’s Xively IoT experts, SATO is maximizing the business value of its IoT-connected products and accelerate their time to market. As a result, SATO anticipates a faster introduction of connected customer experiences across market segments, lowering operational and support costs for its customers. The LogMeIn Xively team worked to quickly integrate these new SATO IoT capabilities into Salesforce’s Cloud and Heroku platforms.

This new partnership on Salesforce’s IoT Cloud brings the best of both our companies together to expedite the adoption and success of the IoT. LogMeIn’s Xively will be the platform between Salesforce’s IoT Cloud and the IoT connected devices, making it easy to integrate IoT devices into Salesforce. Our Xively team brings the expertise on what it takes for a company to create a connected product and will help Salesforce’s partners fast-track IoT projects.

Please visit our Xively Partner Inquiries page to request more information or to partner with Xively on bringing new value to your customers through IoT connected products.

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