Xively Adds Device Presence

The day to day management of thousands of connected products can be a tall order. One of the most important pieces of information to know is if a specific device or user is online or offline. Are they connected to the service? Where are they connected from? When was the last time they were connected? These are common questions in everything from a L1 support case to advanced troubleshooting for a high value customer.

Knowing this information for a single device is valuable but knowing it for your entire fleet is invaluable. These insights can give you information on everything from usage trends to user fall off and when you combine that with other device data, you have a comprehensive picture of how your product is performing.  This picture can ultimately provide hints into whether your customers are happy. This is what the Xively Connected Product Management platform is all about—providing you the information necessary to make more informed decisions about your products and customers.

Today, we are excited to announce that Xively has added yet another feature to the platform — device presence. Device presence lets you know the specific, real time, status of a single device’s connectivity through the Xively ecosystem. In addition, it keeps track of these events over time to provide a detailed connection history for each device including the last time it connected or disconnected. This level of information offers direct insights into how people use their devices over time as well a first look into devices which might be having problems. For example, if a device which is usually connected constantly has been disconnected for the last few hours, this can be a first indicator that there is a problem which requires direct action and can provide you with the ability to notify the customer proactively instead of waiting for them to contact support.


Device Presence Screen Shot


Existing Xively customers can start seeing and querying this information today without any changes to their existing code. Coming soon this data will be rolled into Xively’s CPM device insights dashboards to help give connected product companies the information they need when and where they need it.

Not a Xively customer already? Have questions about device presence? Get in touch with Xively today.


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