Taking your IoT Project from “Bah Humbug!” to “Joy to the World!”

The holidays can be a wonderful time, filled with joy, generosity, and time spent with family. But this season also brings unavoidable tasks that make us wish for another glass of eggnog.  If you’re working on an IoT project currently, here are some challenges and ideas to make it go a bit more smoothly this holiday season and beyond.

  • Stuck in an endless traffic jam? Crawling toward your destination is the worst!  Similar to the traffic jams we experience going to grandma’s Christmas morning, metaphorical traffic jams can halt an IoT project.  As companies rush to be first to market with a connect product, unforeseen issues can take a project from full speed ahead to a dead stop.  Areas like security and data management can trip up even the most well prepared company. We have made it our mission to help accelerate IoT initiatives.  Take the recently launched Xively ProductLauncher – it was designed to help customers model their connected products first so they could anticipate road blocks ahead of time, figure out the best way around them and ultimately get to market faster.
  • Which bulb of the 25,000 on my house is malfunctioning? Is there anything more annoying than spending the time to get thousands of little lights on your house or tree to have one malfunction and kill the whole project?  Many companies face a similar situation with their IoT projects.  Spending countless man hours and resources building something from scratch only to find out it doesn’t work as intended – or worse – at all.  Building a custom connected product solution from scratch is time-consuming, expensive, and often requires expertise that may not be available in-house. Xively was designed to take care of the IoT so you can grow the business and create customer value.  Think of it as hiring someone to not only hang the lights for you, but build the string and test every single one to make sure everything is working flawlessly.
Copyright: 1989, Warner Bros
Copyright: Warner Bros (1989)
  • Making it through security at the airport. In the rush to make your plane on time, you forgot to take your keys out your pocket. Instead of sitting comfy in that window seat, you are watching your plane fly away while being questioned by security. As security breaches continue to make news headlines, building a secure IoT product crucial to the long term success of the project.  It’s important to make sure users, devices, apps and data are protected, 24/7. If this step is rushed or skipped all together, rest assured your IoT project will be sidelined.  Xively’s security mechanisms were purpose-built for the IoT to ensure you can breeze through that security line with ease.   
  • Listening to your Uncle Bob tell stories about ‘the good old days’. We all love Uncle Bob, but there are only so many times we should allow ourselves to get trapped hearing the same story again and again. In the world of the IoT, many companies find themselves making the same mistakes over and over.  Most common?  Focusing all their efforts on connecting their products rather than building a connected business.  When worried only about getting something connected and not how it will add value to the business or the customer, the end result is usually a gadget with a short shelf life.  The real power of the IoT emerges when product data is integrated with other business systems – to create actionable intelligence that can make the customer experience exceptional.  Xively makes product data integration easy with out-of-the-box integrations into core business systems like CRM and ERP.
Copyright 1989 Warner Bros.

With the holidays right around the corner, we’re ready to help you build a fully functional connected product the first time, avoid traffic jams, make it through the security check, and most importantly avoid the mistakes of the past – including getting cornered by Uncle Bob.

Happy holidays from the Xively team!

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