SOLIDWORKS WORLD: Getting from Design to Connected Faster

This week marks the 19th annual SOLIDWORKS World.    I love this show because it is a week completely dedicated to the product development and design community.   Attendees are on the front lines of driving the product development process within their companies and are hungry to better understand how they can accelerate their IoT journey.

Over the last few years SOLIDWORKS World has served as the ideal platform for us to share real-world IoT success stories and discuss how IoT success is possible for every product company. Our work with SOLIDWORKS has shown repeated success in helping companies design and connect their products and this week SOLIDWORKS’ CEO Gian Paolo Bassi took to the stage to highlight how working together we’ve been able to help joint customers transform their company with the IoT.

And that list of joint customers is expanding with many actively participating in this year’s show   Jon Friedman from Freight Farms is part of Wednesday’s keynote talking about how IoT is transforming the agriculture industry. Halo SmartLabs will share their insights on the connect product journey and teaching the next generation of companies how to avoid costly missteps. In our booth, we will be showcasing Heatworks who is squarely in the middle of their connected product journey delivering their first connected product to market. These companies leveraged the design capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and the connected product management capabilities of Xively to deliver exciting new products and interact with their customers in new ways.

Another highlight was the launch of the new SOLIDWORKS Connected Device Ecosystem – which includes partners across hardware, data transport, cloud services, user applications and business applications all to help bridge the physical and digital worlds.  As a lead partner, Xively, along with many of our other joint partners, including Texas Instruments, will help advance the promise of IoT and provide integrated and robust solutions to the market.

Finally, an added feature this year is the ability for attendees to earn a SOLIDWORKS IoT Certificate by attending a track of IoT sessions.  The number of companies eager to make IoT a reality for their business shows just how much the market is maturing.  A variety of Xively experts, customers and partners will be presenting in these sessions, which will include hands-on workshops on how to connect a product and making IoT data actionable. To show how easy we are making IoT attendees will be sent a free development kit, that includes a TI hardware kit and Xively license, to help them accelerate their journey.

It’s been a great week so far and we are just getting started.  If you are in LA at this year’s SOLIDWORKS World please stop by our Booth 1027 and let us know about your IoT journey!

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