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As I reflect on my time at SOLIDWORKS WORLD last week, I feel a lot of things.  Gratitude for SOLIDWORKS for hosting us, pride for our team pulling together an amazing showing at the event, and excitement to see how truly front and center IoT was this year.

During his keynote on Day 3, Kishore Boyalakuntla, SOLIDWORKS’ director of product portfolio management, said “If you want to be a leader, you will be connecting your devices.”  We couldn’t agree more.  And by the look of the show floor, SOLIDWORKS customers share that same feeling.  It was really inspiring to see how dedicated SOLIDWORKS and its customer are to creating the products of tomorrow and I can say with certainty that the IoT is going to be a big part in that

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SOLIDWORKS believes (and we are right there with them) that companies are shifting from designing traditional “un-connected” products to “connected” products.  As such, the IoT was everywhere  –keynotes, breakout sessions, and on the show floor.   At the show, we announced a partnership to help our companies accelerate their IoT journey by helping them to design connected products right out of the gate– which is exciting for several reasons.

First and foremost, SOLIDWORKS is already a world-class a leader in product design, and last week they  took a major step closer to IoT by Integrating SOLIDWORKS with  Altium, PCB design software to elegantly blend mechanical design with electronics and PCB design – so who better to work with on designing products for the IoT?

Second, it was very encouraging to see that so many of the SOLIDWORKS customers we met last week are ready to adopt the IoT.  I talked to companies from all walks of life – home appliances, healthcare, industrial equipment, manufacturing, automotive, home automation, etc. They believe IoT will change their business for the better and they are ready for that change.

Their enthusiasm isn’t without concerns though.  As eager as companies are, they are equally as confused on where to begin.  As I wrote in my last blog,  the world of IoT is alien technology to the vast majority of traditional product companies.  They are masters in the design, manufacturing, sales and support of unconnected physical products, but the IoT uncovers challenges they’ve just never experienced before.

The good news is that is where Xively fits in.  Our mission is to be the “easy button” for the IoT – to help companies accelerate their journey and bring those use cases to market quickly.  Xively solves and simplifies the bulk of these challenges, so that companies can break the ice and start their connected products with confidence.  I had a number of conversations with companies looking for help and we are eager to get started with them.  SOLIDWORKS WORLD was a great event, SOLIDWORKS is a great partners and we are really looking forward to a great future working together.  Maybe next year we can break the record for the number of IoT enabled designs on the show floor.

If you weren’t able to attend the show, we are having a webinar with SOLIDWORKS and one of our joint customers, Halo Smart Labs on February 25th to talk about how to accelerate your journey to the IoT.

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