Nick Sushkov, Marketing Manager, NATUFIA

NATUFIA: Creating the Kitchen Garden of Tomorrow

Imagine having a garden right in your kitchen and being able to grow greens and herbs, like basil, parsley and kale, right next to your cutting board – enter NATUFIA Kitchen Gardens.  NATUFIA is an amazing start-up, based in Estonia, that is taking your traditional windowsill herb garden up a a few notches and making dinner ingredients hyper local, healthy and delicious.

After a successful pre-launch last October, NATUFIA had their big debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year – unveiling their smart kitchen garden in Eureka Park, the smart home start-up area at CES.  Being at the show myself, I can tell you that not only is it beautiful but it was a hit with attendees.  I had the privilege of sitting down with Nick Sushkov, Marketing Manager at NATUFIA to learn a bit more about more about the company and how IoT is having a big impact on how they are approaching their business.

Tell us more about the mission of NATUFIA?  

 We are a team of eco-enthusiasts who believe in making natural and organic food available to everyone. We develop green technology, abide by strict quality standards and have an uncompromising commitment to sustainable agriculture. Because industrial farming harms our planet with synthetic pesticides & fertilizers, excessive packaging, transportation costs and unnecessary food waste, we wanted to upgrade the way people grow and eat food — bring nature back into the home, and choose a high-quality, more nutritious diet with a rich taste.

How is Xively helping you with your mission?

Adding connectivity through Xively was key to providing the customer experience we wanted. The NATUFIA Kitchen Garden was designed to allow customers to easily grow produce from seeds without using soil.  By connecting the garden, users can monitor and control the growing conditions in their garden to ensure an optimal environment for their specific plants.  Based on preset parameters, the kitchen will notify users of current conditions, allow them to control their crop remotely.

Additionally, Xively has been great at helping us manage all the data coming from our kitchens.  As the number of users grows, we get more real-time and historic data on usage patterns and growth environment which allows us to tweak the machine to be a better gardener and to design even better products in the future.

What does the future of look like?

Very bright.  We are really excited about the NATUFIA Kitchen Garden because we truly believe it’s one of a kind.  First to market, there isn’t a product available today that has NATUFIA’s features and capabilities.  While our mission to fully improve how we access and eat food is not yet accomplished, we’ve taken a strong first step and Xively is a large part of making that happen.

Nick Sushkov manages the ears, eyes, and mouth of NATUFIA’s marketing. He coordinates a multitude of outlets to share the company’s success in technology and sustainable farming. Nick’s educational background is a Masters of Business from Oregon State University.


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