Meet the New Freight Farms LGC – Powered by Xively

Friday was a really big day for one of our favorite customers —  Freight Farms.  They officially launched their newest IoT-enabled farm – the LGC — otherwise known as the mini-freight.  Available in 2017, this automated, hydroponic farm is a fraction of the size of their flagship product, the Leafy Green Machine (LGM) making urban farming even more accessible to the masses.   Using innovative climate technology and automation, this container farm creates the perfect environment for crop growth regardless of the outside climate.  The small footprint of the new LGC can instantly activate any space, inside or out, for fresh food production 365 days a year. Backyards, driveways, garages, parking lots – we do mean any space.


The IoT is an integral part of how Freight Farms is making this possible.  Powered by Xively, Freight Farms is able to seamlessly monitor and control millions of data points through the Farmhand app. Farmers can track climate conditions, set parameters for ideal yields and receive notifications should any changes occur to their environment.  By allowing farmers to remotely access their farm, it takes away the early morning and long days professional farmers generally need to spend monitoring their crops and helps anyone, regardless of background or location, grow their own food.

This is the heart of the Freight Farms mission – changing food production for the better by empowering anyone to grow food fresh local food anywhere, anytime. Today their customers currently range from entrepreneurs and small businesses, to hotels and restaurants, to corporations and educational institutions. Tomorrow?  Skies the limit.  The new more compact LGC will enable an even wider demographic to join their community.

Interested in seeing the new mini-freight in action?  If you are local to Boston, Freight Farms & Xively by LogMeIn have teamed up and will be giving tours of the farm on the Rose Kennedy Greenway (across from the Boston Harbor Hotel) from September 16-25th. It will be open to the public during the below times:

  • Monday through Friday (9/19-9/23) from 11am-2pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday (9/20 and 9/22) from 4-6pm
  • Saturday & Sunday (9/24-9/25) from 11am-2pm

Stop by and say hello and learn about how you can grow leafy greens, herbs and select produce in your own farm and how Xively is helping our customers bring innovation to a wide variety of industries from farming to connected home to healthcare and much more.

Come October, the mini-freight along with the Xively IoT Platform team will head out to San Francisco for  Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference and the worlds largest technology event.  So if you happen to be in San Francisco, come by and see us at the Moscone Center.

For more information on Xively & Freight Farms:

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