Making the Smart Energy Industry a Reality with Greentown Labs

As we touched on in our last post, the energy industry is experiencing a significant transformation in how energy is generated, distributed, stored, and managed. The IoT is a  key factor driving this change.  Adding connectivity provides the unique ability for us to monitor and remotely control energy products, create new process automation and ultimately build entirely new business models — reinventing what’s possible.

We’ve been focusing on smart energy quite a bit lately because it truly is one of the greatest use cases for the IoT today.  We have a number of customers exploring this space and it’s one that has the capacity to not just transform an industry, but actually make our day to day lives better.  This is part of the mission of Greentown Labs and why we are so excited to be working with them.  Greentown Labs is the nation’s largest hardware-focused clean tech incubator – based here in the Boston area.  We get to bring our expertise in IoT to the table and their members can educate us on how they are working to solve challenges around energy and environmental issues.

I recently had a chance to sit down with the CEO of Greentown Labs – Emily Reichert – who shared her thoughts around the Xively joining the Greentown community:

“As the cleantech and energy markets continue to evolve, we see more and more of our member companies developing hardware-oriented technologies that require IoT connectivity.  Our entrepreneurs have the ability to develop IoT solutions but often don’t have the time or bandwidth to dedicate to building their own platform and because of this we’re confident many of them will take advantage of Xively’s industry-leading offerings. We appreciate LogMeIn’s support of our community and we’re eager to see our startups utilize their platform!”

We are eager too!  And we’ve already seen some early success with a member of Greentown Labs, Sparkplug Power. Sparkplug has developed a smart grid energy storage solution for businesses and municipal utilities, and relies on Xively to provide IoT connectivity that is critical to the operation of the business. Choosing to use Xively to connect and manage their remote products allows Sparkplug to expedite deployment and dedicate 100 percent of their focus on building their core energy technology, while avoiding getting bogged down building a connectivity solution from scratch.

The energy space is quickly becoming the darling of the IoT and that’s for a really good reason.  We all consume energy, we all want to live in a world with clean and sustainable resources.  This is what Greentown Labs is focused on and why we are proud to be working with them and their members.

Hear more about how Greentown Labs member company Sparkplug Power is reinventing energy storage in this on-demand webinar.

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