Introducing Heatworks

For the last few months the Xively team has been working with a number of companies preparing for their big introduction at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.  One of those companies is Heatworks Technologies.

While Heatworks may be a new name to you now, it won’t be for long. Let me tell you why.  Heatworks has developed the world’s most efficient and reliable technology for heating liquids using electricity.  The idea behind Heatworks came from one man’s frustration with getting hot water to his outdoor shower – thus the Heatworks Model 1 was born.  Focused on sustainability,  the Heatworks mission is to reinvent the modern water heater by significantly reduce energy consumption, space requirements, life cycle costs all while increasing performance.  And they are relying on Xively to help them do that.  I recently sat down with Mike Wieckowski, CTO at Heatworks to learn a little more about how they see the IoT changing their business and how Xively is playing a pivotal role in the company’s future endeavors.

How do you see the IoT changing your business?

At Heatworks, we’re committed to helping people to live better by improving their everyday products and experiences. Leveraging the IoT enables us to deliver on this promise to our customers in ways that were never before possible. It allows us to offer something different in a market full of identical products that has seen relatively little innovation in over fifty years. For Heatworks, IoT has been part of our product strategy from day one and it has been a catalyst for us to create new value with our products and services.

Tell us more about the IoT adding for your customers?

People often don’t think much about their hot water heaters until something bad happens, but we knew there was a better more efficient way to heat water.  Today, energy is wasted keeping gallons and gallons of water constantly heated.  Water is wasted waiting for the shower to be warm enough.  Time is wasted and comfort compromised adjusting the faucet as the water temperature changes.  The IoT is allowing us to solve these problems by enabling precision control and performance. Heatworks brings the water heater “out of the dark” of our customers’ basement to improve their everyday experience of hot water, at the sink and in the shower. It helps both Heatworks and our customers to monitor and control the product, so that together we can continue to get better and improve. Because we are in constant communication with the device, we know about problems and can provide proactive customer support.  Additionally, by openly sharing usage data with our customers, we can have an honest dialogue about how they have saved energy and water and empower them to change habits in order to save money and conserve resources.

What will we see from Heatworks at CES?

We are excited to be demoing our Heatworks app for an on-demand, whole house electric water heater with precision temperature control and performace –running on the Xively platform.

Why did you choose Xively?

When it comes to the details of our products we are uncompromising in our pursuit of the most efficient high quality solutions.

We chose Xively after first trying to create our own IoT platform and found that we were spending way too much time and resources on the back end. We quickly realized that an “out of the box” solution would provide a much more robust and efficient path to market, while also allowing us to focus more on the details of the user experience.  Xively has enabled our team to focus efforts on developing the best end to end customer experience, from device onboarding to monitoring and service, without having to spend extensive time and resources developing the back-end technologies. Configuration and setup is straight forward and flexible, allowing us to get to market quickly and efficiently. Xively also provides us with reassurance knowing that the back end platform is secure, reliable, and will scale gracefully with our growth.  Ultimately, Xively really stood out from a technical feature standpoint, but just as importantly, their phenomenal customer service and support really resonated with us and validated our decision.

  What about CES are you most excited for?

CES offers a great platform for launching new products and there are always some great surprises.  This year we’re most excited to see the latest offerings in the Smart Home space, especially some of the integrations with Nest, Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, and SmartThings.

We are really excited to be apart of Heatworks journey and can’t wait to see all the great things they will do.  If you are heading to Vegas for CES this year, stop by the Xively booth to see it in action!

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