Global IoT Day and the Evolution of the IoT

In celebration of IoT Day 2016, Xively is taking a look back at some of the exciting events and advancements that have shaped the IoT as we know it today. From the first connected toaster in 1990, to 5.5 million new devices being connected each day in 2016, the IoT continues to pick up speed with no signs of slowing down. We want to hear from you. What is next for the IoT? Join the #IoTDay conversation with us.

1975: PCs are commercially adopted
Source: Pew Research
PCs are commercially adopted, marking the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way that people do business, communicate, and process data.


1990: First connected toaster
Source: Postscapes
In 1989, Simon Hackett and John Romkey connected a Sunbeam Toaster to the Internet using TCP/IP networking. The toaster could be turned on/off remotely via the Internet.
1993: Connected coffee pot
Source: Postscapes

Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky connected a coffee pot at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. Three times a minute, an image of the pot was sent to the buildings’  servers to monitor the level of coffee.


1998: Connected water fountain
Source: Postscapes
Mark Weiser built and connected a water fountain whose flow and height mimicked stock market trends.


1999: MIT Researcher, Kevin Ashton, coined the term “the Internet of things"
Source: The Guardian
Ashton, a co-founder of MIT’s Auto_ID Lab, used the term “the Internet of Things” while presenting to Proctor and Gamble.


2005: Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII) in Italy develops Arduino
Source: IEEE Spectrum

Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII) developed a game-changing tool, Arduino, to empower students to develop interactive projects. An easy-to-use microcontroler, Arduino introduced students to a foundational element of physical, distributed computing.

2007: The number of connected devices grows to 6.6 Billion
Source: Kelton Global

In 2007, the number of connected devices exceeds the human population of the planet for the first time (~6.6 billion).

2016: Gartner says that by 2020, more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate the Internet of Things.
Source: Gartner
Companies recognize the IoT will allow them to gain deeper understanding of their customers and products, and help them unlock new business value and automation. Supporting the power of the IoT, Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than half of major new business process and systems will incorporate the IoT.


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