Get Connected in Time for CES…Yes Really!

It may only be July, but the Xively team is laser focused on January.  While I personally don’t have any interest in speeding through the rest of summer, or blowing past the holidays, January is coming a little too quickly for companies looking to debut connected products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  And we are here to help.

Why CES?  Simply put, it’s the Launchpad for innovation.  January marks 50 years of CES greatness.  Everything from the VCR to the Satellite Radio have made their debut at this show.  And with over 100,000 people attending every year – it is the Super Bowl for consumer product companies.  While one of the biggest innovations out of the 1967 show was the pocket radio, 2016 was the year of the IoT.  This year thousands of connected products were showcased – many our own customers including Halo Smart Labs and Lutron and next year we are excited to be revealing even more great IoT products or innovations.  Will you be one of them?

The Xively team is at the ready to help you get your connected products up and running in time for the show.  Whether you just have a vision for a connected product or already have one and need help with getting it ready for broad adoption, we want to work with you.  Not only will we help you get your products connected, but we will also help you market them before, during and after the show if you wish.  Xively is confirmed to have a booth in this year’s Connected Home showcase where we will be featuring a number of the awesome products we’ve worked on this year.

So if you’re feeling like CES could be your Launchpad to IoT greatness, give us a shout.  We have a track record of really successful product debuts at CES – Halo actually received the coveted CES Innovation award this year and we can’t wait to help next year’s winner.

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