Customer Spotlight: Watts Water

It’s March in Boston and while spring is nearly here – we aren’t out of the woods quite yet.  For those who have ever been to the northeast or are brave enough to live here November through March, you know how down right cold it gets.  Ok, it’s not Alaska cold, but it’s pretty chilly. Now is the perfect time to congratulate our customer, Watts Water, whose brand SunTouch recently launched their new IoT-connected SunStat Connect thermostat.  What does that have to do with winter?  Powered by Xively, the SunStat Connect thermostat is built specifically for radiant flooring systems — the technology that keeps floors nice and toasty warm during the long cold days of winter.  My parents have radiant flooring in their bathrooms and it is such a treat to step into a warm-tiled room – I am certainly a fan!

As a global provider of plumbing, heating and water quality solutions, Watts Water wanted to enter into the world of connected products – starting with their SunStat Connect thermostat.  Leveraging the Xively IoT platform and working closely with Xively Professional Services, Watts Water developed a remote connectivity capability for the SunStat Connect connected thermostat.  Run through a fast and secure app developed with our partner Heroku, SunStat Connect enables customers to control the temperature of their floors from any device, anywhere that is connected to the Internet. With the SunStat Connect a homeowner also has access to features that allow automatic clock setting, outdoor temperature reading, weather compensation and warm weather shut-down which is convenient but also conserves energy.

Simplicity, scalability, security and reliability were key for Watts Water.  With Xively, the SunStat Connect has a near instant response time from devices and the openness of the platform not only allows for serious scalability, but also helps ensure it can easily integrate as Watts Water continues to develop IoT-enabled products.

While developing great products is in the DNA of Watts Water, developing IoT-enabled products was a new kind of challenge.   We worked closely with their product team to create a connected solution that we believe truly enhances the customer experience for Watts Water’s customers.  To see a product we helped develop and connect hit the market, is very exciting for the team here.  Congratulations Watts Water – we hope this is the first in a long line of successful IoT products for you.

To learn more about Watts Water’s IoT journey with Xively, please visit us here.

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