Attending CE Week in NYC? Come See Xively in Action!

This week, NYC hosts CE Week – the organizers refer to it as the Fashion Week for Tech – for us it’s a great look at new products and trends hitting the shelves for the rest of 2016.    We are super excited about this week because our wonderful Xively customers Halo Smartlabs will be one of those great technologies exhibiting there.

Halo is changing the game for the smoke detector market.  How are they doing that you might ask?  They’ve created a safer, smarter IoT-connected smoke detectors that can be accessible from anywhere.  Running on the Xively Connected Product Management Platform, Halo has been able to:

  • Shortened their time to market; implementing Xively directly into the initial product design.
  • Interoperate with 95% of existing smart-home platforms, delivering a comprehensive customer service.
  • Connect detectors and third-party data allowing customers to be more proactive and aware of what’s happening inside and outside their home.

Xively helped Halo through their journey to a connected smoke detector and we are really excited to see their IoT products successfully hit the market.  If you are attending CE, stop by and see our friends at Halo.  You will be amazed at all of the great things a smoke detector can do once it leverages the power of the IoT.

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