Embedded Computing Design: Top Embedded Innovators June 20, 2014 | by

We are proud to announce that Chad Jones, our Vice President of the Internet of Things Strategy at LogMeIn, has been named one of the top innovators by Embedded Computing Design. In the publication, Chad answers questions regarding the largest obstacles to innovation in the embedded realm, how he stays on the leading edge of innovation, how he recognizes when a new technology or application is one Xively should invest in, and which embedded technologies present the most interesting opportunities in the future.

“Moore’s Law can be seen in the acceleration of miniature embedded platforms, whose power and capabilities are increasing at an amazing rate. When you combine this phenomenon with contract manufacturing, the ARM licensing model, and other advancements, you get an ‘innovation network effect’ where one innovation plays off and extends another.”

See who else was selected by Embedded Computing Design and read Chad’s full responses here:

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  1. I’m delighted and excited to hear about Chad’s acknowledgement as a top Innovator. Years ago I owned a mortgage bank and personally handled his financing for his home back east. I’ve followed his career just as a viewer witnesses a flying comet up in the sky. I’m sure he’s just getting warmed up and will dazzle us with more sizzle for years to come. Btw Love logmein!