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photoThis past week, Xively exhibited at the M2M Evolution Zone of IT Expo in Miami, FL and participated in the M2M Battle of the Platforms. We’re excited to say that, following the Battle, Xively was awarded Best Enabling Technology. The judges recognized Xively for our solutions-based approach to the Internet of Things, which leverages our IoT public cloud platform, services and partner ecosystem, to help businesses quickly develop transformative connected products and solutions.photo 1

At our booth, we demoed how an old, outdated machine can be transformed into a new, intelligent product that gives organizations insights into how consumers are using it. We sensor-enabled a coin machine from an arcade game to recognize each time a quarter was put into the machine, allowing for instant revenue recognition. We also added a motion detector that tracked how long someone stood in front of the game, for understanding usage patterns around how often the game was played. This simple IoT use case brought to life the endless possibilities for optimizing business.

We also showcased a replica of an industrial water tank  connected to the Xively platform.  The tank was fitted with standard industrial level sensors, electromechanical pumps, and solenoids, to show a scaled environment of the systems often found in fuel storage tanks, processing plants and building systems. Taking advantage of Xively’s open API philosophy, which allows developers tphoto 5o rapidly integrate new technology with their devices, we built an application to monitor and control the tank using Google Glass. The Glassware read the tanks feed ID from a QR code and gave users the ability to see the water level in the tank and control the pump and drain. This type of real-time tracking enables insights companies can use to enhance efficiencies of key processes and operations.

Xively will be at Connected World in Chicago on February 12-14th and Oil and Gas Mobility Summit in London on February 10-12th. Be sure to follow @XivelyIoT for live updates at the shows and for anything #IoT.

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