Xively and Salesforce1: a Bold Vision of the Future November 18, 2013 | by

Xively excited to work with Salesforce1 platform vision.

Salesforce1Today, Salesforce.com is announcing it’s bold approach to embrace the Internet of Things through its Salesforce1 Platform.  We are really excited to see Salesforce.com jump into the IoT game.   They have a tremendous connection with customers and businesses all over the world that is a perfect fit for leveraging the insights IoT based data will provide. Since Salesforce.com is a relational database, the addition of Xively’s support for thousands of devices, millions of gateways and billions of smart devices coupled with our time-series database, analytics, triggering and open API makes the combination of the two platforms a complete solution, It further accelerates the ability to rapidly bring IoT based products and solutions to the market since Xively handles all of the secured device connections and enablement while Salesforce.com handles the resulting output that triggers business workflow.

Let’s also not forget about the power of Heroku. Most products need a custom application for their customer front end and Heroku plus Xively provides the quickest path to bringing this live. With our libraries, we can support many of the languages that Heroku supports. Together, the ability to rapidly develop applications, securely connect with any number of devices, and use the Sales and Service Clouds to drive the end business workflow is nothing short of a revolutionary combination.

In fact, we are here at Dreamforce showing off our customer, Elektron Technology, integration with Salesforce.com’s Service and Sales Clouds. Their food safety solution, called Checkit, is leveraging Xively and Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud to evolve their product into a dynamic service that not only understands and anticipates the customers needs, but fundamentally changes how Elektron sells, services and markets to its customer base. The truly revolutionary part is that the customer’s satisfaction is greatly improved due to this level of interaction.

So welcome to the next great paradigm shift in the Internet! We look forward to making many innovative and beautiful solutions together!

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