Gigaom: Why the internet of things is moving from industry to consumers sooner than you think September 17, 2013 | by

Gigaom StructureSummary: Gigaoms Jeff John Roberts discusses devices connected to the internet and how they are going to become a widespread consumer phenomenon sooner than you expect, even though Europeans and Americans for now regard the technology in different ways.

“Asin says that, thanks to the growth of inexpensive open hardware platforms and crowd-funding, a growing number of consumer companies are proposing compelling business cases to tap into the internet of things.”

“Simon, pointing to the popular Nest thermostat, said that Americans are focused on the user experience — the beauty of the design and the ability to control it with an iPhone are the primary draws, with energy savings a third consideration. The opposite is true in Europe at the moment, where the internet of things discussions begin and end with energy efficiency.”
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