Bloomberg Businessweek: Behind the ‘Internet of Things’ Is Android—and It’s Everywhere May 30, 2013 | by

imagesSummary: Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Ashlee Vance discusses Android’s place in the Internet of Things market and its growing domination over Apple and Microsoft.

“It’s the No. 1 mobile OS by a wide margin; Android handsets outsell Apple’s (AAPL) iPhones globally by about 4 to 1. Impressive as those numbers are, they actually understate Android’s prevalence, because increasingly it’s the operating system behind just about anything with a computer chip.”

“Philip DesAutels, the vice president for technology at Xively, a just-launched cloud computing service that simplifies the work needed to get a device to transmit data, has studied the Internet of things for years. He says there are five times as many downloads of Xively’s Android-specific software as there are of its software made for Apple’s iOS. His favorite product: an Android-based agricultural irrigation system where a network of tiny, waterproof computers in the field regulates water valves. ‘With Android, you get something that is power-efficient, it’s easy for developers to do the user interface and touch controls, and it’s easy to get data in and out,’ DesAutels says. ‘There’s just a bigger community behind it than with anything else.'”

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