Geoweb Summit: ‘IoT bigger than the internet and mobile waves combined’ May 29, 2013 | by

New York City was host to Internet week and Xively was there talking about the Internet of Things.  On Thursday May 23rd, 2013, our own Chad Jones, Xively’s VP Product Strategy, was at the Geoweb Summit and spoke about the opportunity space that lies within the Internet of Things.  As part of that talk, Chad dropped some big numbers from the industry.

‘The opportunity space of the IoT is anywhere between $1.2 – $14.4 trillion dollars by 2020-2025 and we believe this is a larger business opportunity in than the internet and mobile waves combined’. The discussion continues around Xively’s approach as well as a spirited discussion around the panel on the nuances and aspirations of the IoT.

Watch here: http://geowebsummit.com/

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