Current Analysis IT Connection: The Intersection of Cloud and M2M Will Help Create the “Internet of Things” May 28, 2013 | by

EITClogo3SbSummary: Current Analysis IT Connection’s Kathryn Weldon discusses the existing M2M market and the collaboration with cloud services to create the future “Internet of Things”.

“A lot of M2M vendors and enterprises are starting to forego the use of the word M2M and are replacing it with IoT, implying a much bigger set of “things” that will all be connected to the Internet (and to each other) using every available fixed and wireless access technology.”

“It also includes a “frictionless” developer experience to simplify complex technologies through a Developer Workbench and Developer Center, libraries that support hundreds of platforms, millions of gateways and billions of devices, and highly scalable provisioning and management capabilities.”

“Once we get into this future phase where “everything” is connected, the current generation of enterprise-driven M2M connections and service offerings may look narrow and primitive. The ecosystem is also destined for some big changes in the 2015-2020 period when these disruptive models are supposed to take hold.”

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