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“I believe a future where so much data is collected about me and owned by others to be nothing short of dystopian.” Philip Sheldrake

Back in March of 2011, we introduced the “Internet of Things Bill of Rights” via this blog (and this article in Volume Magazine) as a people-centric vision of the future of this market. It’s intent, to give people access to and control over their data, is something that we’ve always thought was necessary for both a healthy commercial and social environment. Its presentation as a working document was intended to solicit input and feedback from the community, which subsequently produced a great conversation and many smart changes and additions.  We’ve had enormous interest since then to expand the concept into something more accessible to a wider community.

Therefore, we’ve moved the conversation to the “IoT Open Data” google group, which now has 100 members as of this posting.  Discussions are ongoing exploring the key themes that seem to be defining the next iteration of the Document/Definition, as it has since come to be called.  The group is open to all and being managed wonderfully by Trevor Harwood of Postscapes.

We’re also very excited to announce the Open IoT Assembly, an event in London happening very soon on June 16-17, 2012.  While we’ve got a fantastic lineup of speakers like Adam Greenfield, Rob van Kranenburg, Russell Davies, and Usman Haque (and more!), the crux of the event will be a series of break-out discussion groups, which will each focus on specific aspects of Open Data as it applies to the Internet of Things.  These groups will do the final heavy lifting on defining the various points of the Document, and at the end of the sessions we’ll have a formal endorsement ceremony.  We think this is an important step for our market, so we invite you to join us as an attendee or sponsor (both have been kept very affordable so that anyone who wants to participate can).

Lastly, the Document itself has gotten a facelift. Besides being clearer and easier to understand, there is also now a voting mechanism for deciding how the particulars of the Definition should read and what concerns and ideas in general are most important.  The Document site also includes a place where people can pledge their personal or corporate support (not active until after the Assembly).

We’re really excited about this movement!  If you think this is as important as we do, there are a ton of ways to get involved.

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